Lime Rock Announces Final Close of Lime Rock Resources at $450 Million


Eric Mullins, Managing Director of the Lime Rock Resources team, commented, “We are exceptionally grateful for the support given to us by all of our investors as we embark on our strategy to provide them with attractive returns and greater exposure to energy commodities.” Charles Adcock, Managing Director of the Lime Rock Resources team, added, “We have already analyzed in depth dozens of properties for potential acquisition. We are confident that our selective strategy will allow us to find the right properties to meet our investors’ goals.”

Jonathan Farber, Managing Director of Lime Rock, concluded, “Lime Rock is appreciative that our existing investors and new investors have chosen to invest in Lime Rock Resources as part of their strategy for a lower-risk, resource-focused investment. We are thrilled with the work of the team so far, and we are equally excited by the close working relationship of the Lime Rock Resources and Lime Rock Partners teams.”

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